Lighter Legs – Energising Leg Therapy

Luxury leg and foot therapy, perfect to aid tired, heavy, achy legs.

Do you ever get that heavy, sluggish, tired leg feeling? This lighter legs treatment will be the perfect treat for you. Using specific skincare from Germaine de Capuccini’s ethically sourced Baobab seed oil range to nourish, repair and protect the skin.

A stimulating exfoliation is carried out all over the legs, followed by a deeply relaxing, yet beneficial leg massage. The treatment is then finished off with a touch of Dreamy Legs gel. This gel is designed to instantly refresh legs with its stimulating, cooling effect. This helps to tone skin and reduce fluid retention.

Ideal for all. Especially those who stand or sit still a lot. Those with poor circulation and water retention. This treatment is carried out with the client laying on their back only, therefore, ideal for those who have limited movement or find it difficult to turn over on a therapy couch.

Treatment Time – 30 minutes

Results include:

  • energised, refreshed legs
  • smoother, softer skin
  • toned, hydrated legs
  • lighter feeling to the legs, less sluggish and heavy
  • water retention and puffiness is reduced
  • general overall relaxation
  • soothes sore, achy legs and feet

Price: Β£30

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