Detox CityProof Facial

Oxygenating anti-pollution facial for suffocated, stressed, dull skin.

Give your skin a breath of fresh air.

Modern living surrounds us with environmental and biological toxins and stressors that can cause our skin to become congested, blocked, dry, sensitive, stressed, dull looking and cause premature ageing.

The three areas that put stress and create pollution on our skin are:

  • In the air – pollution, fumes, free radicals, dust and dirt, electrical pollution, glare from computer, TV or mobile device screens
  • Solar – UV rays
  • Domestic – household or work place chemical cleaning products, hygiene products.

Many of us will be surrounded by one or all of these stressors all day, every day…

The Detox CityProof facial works both on the skin’s surface and deeper levels to help it defend itself against the above stressors and help your skin recover and repair from any damage they have caused.

Ideal for all ages, all skin types, especially stressed, suffocated, dull skin. Those who commute, work with computers or in polluted environments. Those concerned about slowing down and premature ageing. Smokers.

Treatment time – 1 hour 15 minutes

This Facial includes:

  • Germaine de Capuccini’s signature welcome ritual and cleansing routine
  • Exfoliation – or choose to upgrade to Glycocure Peel – £15
  • Pure Oxygen Recharge Bubble Mask is applied for 10 minutes
  • A scalp massage is carried out, then the bubble mask is removed
  • Thermal contrasts are carried out using hot and cold to awaken and stimulate the skin
  • A oxygenating, anti-ageing massage is carried using City Skin Recovery Facial massage cream
  • The second of two masks is applied – High Performance City mask
  • Choice of scalp & neck, hand & arm or leg & foot massage while mask is on
  • Eye lotion is applied, followed by Continuous Defence Emulsion moisturiser
  • Germaine de Capuccini’s signature finishing ritual with fragrance
  • Choose to add-on a 15 minute Baobab scalp treatment – £15 for an additional relaxing touch to complete your facial

Results include:

  • detoxified
  • brighter, more radiant
  • skin is left looking clean and healthy
  • skins natural defences are awakened which activates its immune system for protection
  • the natural regeneration is stimulated, aiding anti-ageing

Price: £63

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