Vitamin C Brightening Boost Facial

Illuminating, brightening facial to combat the first signs of ageing.

This facial comes from Germaine de Capuccini’s Timexpert C+ (A.G.E.) range, which contains a specially formulated slow release version of the antioxidant vitamin C to protect and nourish the skin throughout the day. Vitamin C also boosts collagen production 8 times faster than normal, resulting in improved collagen repair in the skin.

This facial us an advanced anti-glycation treatment utilising the benefits of Ume extract (from the Japanese plum) to fight against the damage to elastin and collagen fibres caused by sugar and UV light. Glycation occurs when excess sugar combines with the collagen in our skin, causing our collagen fibres to break down, resulting in wrinkles.

This facial treatment works to correct the first signs of ageing – expression lines and wrinkles, dehydration, loss of luminosity and firmness, as well as reversing glycation in the skin.

This treatment is ideal for all ages 25+ and all types of skin, except sensitive and acne skins. Ideal for smokers, sun damage, stressed and diets high in sugar. Ideal treatment  for those wanting to increase the radiance and luminosity of their skin, re-hydrate and firm and fight the signs of ageing.

Treatment time – 1 hour

This Facial includes:

  • Germaine de Capuccini’s signature welcome ritual and cleansing routine
  • Exfoliation – or choose to upgrade to Glycocure Peel – £15
  • Specific serum is applied
  • 15 minute anti-ageing massage using Timexpert C+ Massage cream
  • Timexpert C+ Recharge gauze mask & liquid are applied for 20 minutes
  • Choice of hand & arm or leg & foot massage
  • Eye lotion is applied, followed by Potent C Emulsion moisturiser
  • Germaine de Capuccini’s signature finishing ritual with fragrance
  • Choose to add-on a 15 minute Baobab scalp treatment – £15 for an additional relaxing touch to complete your facial

Results include:

  • increased luminosity
  • creates fresh, healthy glow
  • fights signs of ageing
  • skin is smoother and more radiant
  • boosts radiance

Price: £70.00

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