Baobab Head & Scalp Massage

This head massage is a relaxing, nourishing, restorative treatment. During this treatment Germaine de Capuccini’s specially formulated Shine & Youthfulness Restoring Essence hair oil is used. This hair oil utilises the restoring and conditioning properties of ethically sourced Baobab seed oil.

Treatment Options include:

30 minute stand alone treatment – massage to upper arms, shoulders, neck, head, scalp and hair

15 minute add-on treatment – extend any facial, body or massage treatment – neck, head and scalp

Results include:

  • stress relieving
  • nourishing and moisturising
  • repairs and protects hair
  • restores shine to hair
  • soothes dry, irritated scalps
  • controls frizzy hair
  • relaxation of the specific muscles
  • acute and chronic neck and shoulder stiffness can be relieved
  • relaxes the whole body
  • oxygen uptake to the surrounding tissues and the brain is increased
  • improves localised circulation
  • improves or relieves: earache, eye strain, tinnitus, aching jaws, sinusitis and congestion, tension headaches, migraines, insomnia
  • relieves hair disorders related to stress: alopecia, dandruff, psoriasis, scalp tension


30 minute – Β£30

15 minute – Β£15

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