What is Elim Medi Heel Peel?

Like a facial for your feet…

Elim is a medical grade pedicure treatment which uses state-of-the-art ingredients to remove hard skin and calluses from the feet.

Elim products use state-of-the-art, facial grade ingredients, such as AHAs to gently but effectively soften and remove hard skin.

Our feet are often the most forgotten part of our body, due mostly to the amount of time they are hidden in socks and shoes. But think about how much work they do, they carry us throughout our entire like. So why shouldn’t they be given the same amount of care we give to our face?

This foot peel pedicure replaces the harsh and potentially damaging effects of hard skin removal via rasping and filing. The action of filing, rasping or using a blade to remove hard skin from the feet, sends trauma to the brain via neural pathways. Our body’s react to repeated trauma and act to protect itself. In the case of repeated harsh removal of hard skin from the feet, this results in the overproduction of skin cells which leads to excessive skin and the formation of calluses. Therefore, never fully removing and/or resulting in continuous reformation of hard skin, cracks and/or calluses.

Using a Medi Heel Peel offers a safer and more effective alternative to a standard pedicure. Elevating and enhancing the results of a standard pedicure treatment.

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