Hopi Ear Candle

Hopi Ear Candle is a gentle, calming and non-invasive treatment. During the treatment a hollow cotton candle, which contains beeswax and natural, essential oils, is inserted into the ear canal, one at a time. The candle is lit and the flame produces a “chimney” effect in the ear. This allows for herbal vapours from the candle to circulate in the ear. The treatment is completed with a pressure point massage to the face and scalp.

Conditions that can be relieved:

  • excessive or compacted ear wax
  • snoring
  • sinusitis
  • allergic rhinitis
  • glue ear
  • frequent colds & flu
  • headaches &/or migraines
  • noise in the ear or tinnitus
  • relaxation
  • neuralgia
  • swimmers, surfers, divers ear
  • flying problems & pressure regulation
  • Labyrinthitis
  • loss of smell

Recommended add-on treatment:

A lovely way to complete this Hopi Ear Candle treatment is with the addition of a 15 minute Baobab Head & Scalp Massage.

Price: £25

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